Master's HCI Course Papers

During my undergraduate study abroad in Copenhagen (a design dreamland), I took a Master's class called "Advanced Topics in Human-Centered Computing". I'm proud to share two papers from that class:


Designing for the Social Acceptance of E-Textiles & Wearables

This literature review surveys existing research pertaining to the user experience of e-textiles ("smart clothing" that has digital components embedded in them). Specifically, it studies their social acceptance, or lack thereof.



Interactive Jacket: Quantitative Analysis of On-Clothing Inputs

I participated in a research study where I wore a jacket covered in buttons and then completed some tasks. I analyzed the quantitative data from the study to determine which on-clothing spots are the best for pressure-sensitive inputs. 


Design Articles on Medium


Prototyping: Iterative vs. Parallel

Parallel prototyping offers a variety of benefits that traditional prototyping doesn’t, like improved usability, increased diversity of designs, and improved chances of discovering a better design.



Where-able Devices and Ubiquitous Computing + Case Study

How might we design ubiquitous computing products that actually meet people’s needs and fit their lifestyles?


Writing About Design


Cyclist-Centered Design

During my study abroad in Copenhagen, I fell in love with biking. There, everyone bikes everywhere. Why? Because their urban designers use human-centered design. My 25-page paper explains how.



My Student Employee Spotlight

A career counselor I know recommended me as a "student who really stands out", so I was featured in "The Triton Worker" — a newsletter sent out to thousands of students. In the article, I answer interview questions about my UX job at Spatial Vis and provide advice for younger aspiring designers.